Breathe in, breathe out, live on It's still raining outside. It has been raining for weeks now, turning small streams into rivers and gravel walks into puddles of mud. The rain doesn't make me sad or depressed though like it... Continue Reading →


Semicolon ; she told her parents ; she told her friends ; she got help ; she let go ; she still struggles but never gives up ; and so she goes on

Banned I've been feeling rusty of late. It's the lying around all day and having no one to talk to. The loneliness wears me down especially. I'm used to company. Used to have audience for the thousands of stories I've... Continue Reading →

It’s here…

Nearly a month ago I wrote a short announcement about a big frist step in my writing career. I was going to get officially published for the first time in my life. I shared with you guys that I was... Continue Reading →

Anxiety The worst is over now. I can breathe again. I don’t longer have the urge to rip off my skin and step out of my own body which suddenly felt way too tight and nothing like me at all.... Continue Reading →

  Shelter „You are bleeding. “ She looks at me in bewilderment her mouth twisting into a tight line. “Are you kidding me?” she hisses, teeth clenched. “You are torturing me. You have been doing so for hours.” I reach... Continue Reading →

Never let me go Her horse came to a sudden halt. They were in the middle of a forest. The forest he ought to live in. Had her horse noticed something she didn’t? She looked around. Cautious, anxious even. Something... Continue Reading →

Ordinary I’ve seen them. They watch you when your back is turned. Some of them you call friends, some are no more than strangers to you. You work in a coffee shop. Drain, push, pull. That’s your daily routine. Drain,... Continue Reading →

First Steps

Well, hello there! It’s especially awesome seeing you hanging around my blog today because I’ve got BIG, FANTASTIC, OVERWHELMING news! As followers of this blog know I am quite passionate about Flash Fiction. (You can read some of it here.)... Continue Reading →

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