This blog is about three things.
It’s about books, about writing but first and foremost it’s about FUN!

The Books
There are literally over a thousand bookblogs out there so the world probably doesn’t need another one. But here I come anyway.
Because honestly, I don’t fucking care what the world needs and I love reading, talking about books, writing reviews, making lists and taking photographs of my bookshelf!
This is what makes me happy and maybe that will be the reason for you to read MY blog among thousands of others.

The Writing
There are slightly less blogs about writing than about books, but there are still enough and- what’s even more discouraging -most of them are written by professionals.
I have neither written a book nor am I studying creative writing. I am not even semi-professional!
So why do I of all people think I have something to say about the process of writing storys or even a novel? Well, precisely because I am nothing of those things!

I am exactly like other young people, struggling but never giving up on writing.
Maybe I am even a little bit like you?
With my posts I want to show you that you are not alone in your attempts. I want to inspire and encourage you because honestly? YOU ARE AWESOME!

That’s it. That’s what Owlgazer is all about.
Still intrigued? Come closer. You seem like my kind of people.


If you have any more questions feel free to contact me:

All Illustrations featured on this blog are from Austrian artist Thomas Franz Bernhard Simandl.
Check him out. He’s great!