This is goodbye.

Well at least for a while it will be.
I know that it hasn’t been long since I took a break from blogging but I feel like it’s time for another – maybe longer – intermission.

I love blogging but …

… there are times in life when you have to make yourself a priority. And myself seems to be nothing more then stressed when it comes to Owlgazer ATM. I have a full-time job, am still studying and have tons of hobbies and interests. I thought somehow I would get it all together. Find time for everything. And I did. For a while. But soon I noticed nothing brought me real joy anymore and I wasn’t doing anything whole-heartedly.

So, instead of leaving you with rare AND sloppy posts I will leave you with a big THANK YOU for following Owlgazers journey. I will close down my Twitter and Facebook Account but will keep my Bookstagram alive.
I hope I will see you again when I hit the START Button for Owlgazer again.

Until then: STAY AWSOME!