Have I mentioned yet, that February is a particularly short month?!
Seriously guys it’s almost March again and I only delivered 2 tiny posts.

I’m ashamed!

To my defense I had my wisdom theeth removed and didn’t do anything but lie on the couch for a couple of days. Do those tiny bastards serve any other purpose than to annoy you? Be that as it may,  a lot of time spent on the couch also means a lot of time spent reading.  I nearly got my whole February TBR done. And I got plenty of time to obsess over THE BOOK.

Remember I announced the arrival of one book to complete my February Reading List?
As Followers on Twitter and Facebook already now I was refering to King’s Cage the third book in the Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard. It was amazing and you will definitely get a Review bout it in the next few days so we can obsess over it together. There will also be some “fun posts” concerning the Red Queen Universe to make sure you get just how much I love this series. This should still be manageable in February.

Reviews of all the other books and comics I read this month, as well as feminist lists and stories will be published to delight you next month.

Stay tuned for February Action about Kings Cage and read on!