What? January’s already over?
Time for a new TBR-Pile then!

As I didn’t accomplish as much reading as I set out to in the beginning of 2017 I’m moving The Story of Awkward onto my new reading list. You can reread the description here.

February being an even shorter month than January I’ll go for some quick reading, including two comics: Rat Queens and Bitch Planet.  I’ve already praised this two for containing lots of nasty women here.

High Fidelity will be a “Bonus-Read”. I’m not quite sure if I’ll get to it, because besides The Story of Awkward and those beautiful comic books I’m waiting for a special Amazon delivery. I don’t want to reveal what it is yet. You’ll find out soon enough …

So, are you excited for February?
What are you reading?
Something featuring kick-ass women I hope?
Tell us in the comments!