In the first month of the feminist reading year here on owlgazer I am going to read and review four books.

The Female of the Species – Mindy McGinnis
It’s always hard to choose a book at the beginning of the year. You want your reading year to start with an amazing story of course so you need to choose wisely. This year I didn’t only want the first book to be mindblowing but also explicity feminist, so I picked up The Female of the Species, which was published September 2016 and treated as the best YA-story about rapeculture you could possibly read.
I will post my review of it soon so I don’t want to share to much but it can’t hurt to say this: Brutal, that one. Powerful. Stays with you long after you finish.

Special & Extra – Scott Westerfeld
I’ve read the first two books in the Ugly series years ago and then never got around to buying the last installments. (There are just SO MANY OTHER BOOKS out there…) Somehow my mom remembered and got me Special and Extra for Christmas (Thanks, mom!) and I can finally read on. I’m not quite sure if the books can be identified as feminist but the certainly bring up a topic which is discussed within Feminism quite often: Beauty, the body and the need to submit to society.

The Story of Akward – R.K. Ryals
This was a freebie on Amazon its blurb sparking my interest immediately.

If you are looking for a happy book about beautiful people, this is the wrong story.
If you are looking for a narrative without emotion, without regrets, and without mistakes, this is definitely the wrong story. This is by no means an uncomplicated tale about uncomplicated people. It is by no means sweet or light.
This story is ugly.
This story is complicated.
This story is emotional.
This story is tragic.
In short, this story is about being awkward. “

Whee. This sounds promising, doesn’t it? Maybe we’ll find another empowering story about self-love and acceptance between those pages.

How does your January Reading List look like?
Any feminist book suggestions for the upcoming months? Tell us in the comments below!