Let me get this straight: This is not a question I can answer with an all-purpose definition. Feminism refers to a diverse variety of beliefs, ideas, movements, and agendas for action. Although there exist some core similarities and believes the following lines cover my very own definition of what it means to be a Feminist.

The most common and basic definition of Feminism is possibly the belief that women should be equal to men and now aren’t. This doesn’t mean that one gender should be raised in power above another, though. So, no, Feminists don’t hate men.


I consider myself feminist (obviously) and I LOVE men.  I’ve got a bunch of male friends who also fight for women’s equality and no, they’re not gay. They only want their mothers, sisters, friends, girlfriends and wives to be treated equally.

The reason why a lot of people think Feminism is the fight for female world domination is that, to achieve female equality, women must be promoted while men need to be downgraded in certain aspects of life.

Imagine two people standing side by side overlooking a fence. One is bigger and sees what’s happening on the other side. The other one is smaller and doesn’t see shit. Standing there like that, those two people are not equal. If you give the smaller person a box to stand on though, she suddenly sees over the fence. Still, she doesn’t see quite as much as the other person, because that one is still bigger. In order to be totally equal, the bigger one of the two needs to bend his knees.

If you consider yourself feminist you don’t only have to respect women and men equally, but you gotta fight for social, political, and economic equality for all people, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, ethnicity, religion, culture, or lifestyle.

Now this whole thing doesn’t sound so female anymore, does it?
So why is it called Feminism at all?
Well folks, Humanism was already taken.

But – and this question has been bothering me for ages – we aren’t all the same. Each and every one of us is different. We look, feel, think and behave differently. So, how can we all be treated equally? And do we actually want that? If I told you I’ve found the answer to this question I’d totally be lying, but I’ve got something figured out for me.

We are all different and because of that we are all the same really. We must acknowledge the differences between us but instead of making them the basis of ascribed (gender) roles, unequal rights and discrimination, we should learn to put as many boxes under each other and bend our knees so that we will all see the same thing when we look over that fence.

That, dear readers, that is