Another year is officially over. And what a year that was!
2016 meant many different things to me (possibly to you too). For one it meant the opening of this blog which was extraordinary. I want to stop here and thank you all again for reading my thoughts on books and literary impulses, for your comments and support. This made 2016 very special to me.

As you might have noticed I had to pause my activity on the blog for the last three months because I started working full-time for the first time in my life. (Yes, I adult now.)
So that’s what 2016 has also been for me: It’s going down in history as the year when I started working for real, which basically means I’m finally getting paid. (Bonus: My works fun too!)
Aside from finally getting something like a career I moved to a flat with my boyfriend and began paying bills. (SO MUCH ADULTING!!)
I traveled, I laughed, I cried, I was stressed.
That was the basic stuff.

But out in the public, in the media 2016 is going down as a year where a lot of shit happened. Some call it the worst year we’ve ever experienced which, of course, is exaggerated. It’s been awful, yes, so awful that Friend Dog’s Studios actually made a trailer for a horror movie with the main cast being 2016 (click), but I just can’t quite believe that earth has never seen something similar before. And is the old year not always the worst year we’ve ever had?
2016 was based on terrorism, violence, the rise of right- wing populism, cracks in democracy and the death of lots of innocent people and icons from the music and movie industry. (RIP Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Alan Rickman) All these things finally led to throwbacks within two topics I am especially passionate about: Equality and Feminism.
The election of Donald Trump in America, Poland’s abortion ban proposal, stories of women being assaulted, attacked, talked down upon and portrayed as objects etc. were setbacks. It’s safe to say that the world needs the voice of feminists now more than ever or 2017 is going to be the next “worst year we’ve ever experienced”.

To improve the problems the world is currently facing we need to stick together. All of us. Humanity can’t afford to exclude women (which make up half of the world’s population by the way) or homosexuals, or transgender people, or disabled people or old people. All help is needed to improve peace on earth, to minimize the need to seek refuge, or hunger, to stop terrorism etc.
That’s why I decided to speak up!

Throughout 2017 I’m going to try to motivate people to not only learn about feminism but also to engage in it.
I’m making 2017 a feminist reading year on owlgazer which will feature definitions of feminism and equality, feminist reading piles (my own and those of other feminist bloggers), book reviews, feminist quotes, quizzes as well as empowerment and lots of fun!
I hope you’ll join me in my mission!
See you soon,