For this year’s Reading Challenge I’ve decided to read a book about cooking and what’s more about cooking than a cookbook?

I’m quite sure I didn’t mention it until now but I LOVE food. And I like it to make it myself with fresh ingredients and a lot of veggies. When I’m cooking I’m mostly relying on family recipes or Pinterest. Seriously guys, Pinterest is heaven for searching and storing cooking (& baking) inspiration. As if 700 recipes pinned weren’t enough I’ve got a bunch of cook books too, which I mainly use when I have guests or am completely clueless what or how to cook something.

One of the cookbooks I own is “Jamie’s Kitchen” by Jamie Oliver. The book is laid out as a cooking course and inspired me on so many levels.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Litchi, calamari and sweet chili sauce on salad
    Actually it was my boyfriend who decided to make this delicious salad. He wanted to surprise me with a special treat and I can assure you: It worked! I think one should stop calling this dish salad immediately because it gives people a wrong impression. This has nothing to do with boring green salad with a little bit of fish to at least bring in some flavor.
    No! It’s a salad which people who even hate salad will not get enough from.
    It’s a burst of flavor!
  • CO²
    Chili, Tequila, Lime and Pineapple come together to form a great cocktail in this recipe. I made it for girls night and everybody just loved it. I got fond of it as well even though I don’t like Tequila that much. I’ve also tried it with vodka and that’s wayyyy better.

Currently I’m trying to get into making homemade pasta.
“Jamie’s Kitchen” contains endless advice on how to make the perfect pasta.
It can be quite a bit to take in at first but I’ve found most of what I read really helpful.

All in all I think that “Jamie’s Kitchen” is a cookbook loaded with dishes exploding with flavor. It’s nothing for everyday though, but rather something to find inspiration for special occasions in. Like a date, girl’s night or family and friends eating over.
The recipes often contain long lists of ingredients and take their time.
Except for the cocktail I didn’t find a single dish where the preparation took less than an hour.
It pays, though.
Everything I’ve tried so far worked out perfectly well and tasted damn delicious.

I give “Jamies Kitchen” 4 out of 5 feathers.

What did you think about “Jamie’s Kitchen”?
Which recipes did you try?
Which of his other books would you recommend?