Anyone who visited my blog or Facebook page recently knows: Owlgazer is going through some changes.

Firstly, I picked another theme for the blog in an attempt to make it more clearly arranged and comfortable. I’m also getting into Photoshop and work on custom headers for the blog posts.

Secondly, I am expanding my social media presence. Besides getting a Pinterest account for Owlgazer I am finally entering Twitter. You can find the Links to both accounts next to the Facebook  button on the end of the page.

To kick off the Twitter experience I decided it would be fun if we’d join a hashtag game which is currently extremely famous in the Network. It’s called #mein3fictionalcharacters and asks you describe yourself through 3 fictional characters.

Is there someone in the fictional world drinking his coffee just like you do, while having the same taste of music? Who’s got a sense of justice similar to yours? Which combination of made-up personality traits speaks to who you really are? Now is the time to consider those questions deeply and share them in the comments, on twitter or Facebook.

Me in 3 fictional characters

Mance Rayder – Game of Thrones
Mance Rayder, the King behind the wall, resembles me because of his diplomatic ability.
He was the only person capable of uniting all of the warring factions beyond the Wall. I am also quite good with uniting people after a fight or at least getting them to talk to one another again. Don’t know if I could get whole clans to fight for my cause though…

Peeta Mellark – The Hunger Games
With Peeta I share the urge to protect others and the ability to make tough decisions if need be. If I am brutally honest with myself (oh good, this is embarassing!) I also am the same kind of romantic. I’d do anything for the people I love, just like Peeta did everything to save Katniss. Don’t make the mistake to take this for pure heroism, though. Nope, we do this for ourselves as well because who would we be without the people we love and people who depend on our help? Not being needed is the worst for people like me and good old Peter Mellark.

Loki – Marvel Comics
I think we can agree that everybody has a dark side.  Anyone could become a supervillain in the bat of an eyelash. If I’d become one I think I’d be like Loki for two reasons:  We are both totally emotion driven and very, very good with people.  Loki is able to be anything, for anyone, skillfully adapting to whatever situation he is in, due to his great empathic skills, which I definitely DO share with him.
In addition to that Loki is also extremely hot. Another thing we share. (Or at least I wish we would.)

Which 3 fictional characters are similar to you?
Do we have one in common?
Please share your results in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.

PS: I’ve only chosen fictional characters from books or comics but everything is fine, really!
PPS: Hell, I really don’t know why I only seem to relate to men!