Nearly a month ago I wrote a short announcement about a big frist step in my writing career. I was going to get officially published for the first time in my life. I shared with you guys that I was going to be part of an Anthology of short stories called “In A Flash” published by Sinister Saints.

So yesterday, when I came home from a little walk, fingers numb because it’s finally starting to get cold around here.(Can someone please bring summer back?!)
I found this in my letterbox:


I nearly dropped my keys and my fingers shook from excitement as I took hold of the first book that contained one of my stories.
My NAME is written in that book.
They even included a short biography about me. (Which looks really boring next to all those already published, super talented writers … but you have to start somewhere am I right?)

It’s a very strange feeling reading something you wrote yourself in an actual book. It’s as strange as it’s beautiful. I’ve never felt anything like that before and I’m more motivated than ever to have such a feeling again. Yes, there will be another book with my name in it. I promise.

Okay, enough talking about me now. Let’s get to the book itself.
It is an awsome read! So many talented authors submitted their stories and make “In A Flash” an exciting journey through a wild, weird and horrifying landscape.
If you like to indulge stories guaranteed to send shivers down your spine this collection of short stories is what you should read ASAP.

I’d like to give a peak at three stories I enjoyed the most (eventhough they are ALL great!):

This story tucks you in from sentence one. It gets your heartbeat racing as it unfolds and leaves you wondering: “What the fuck just happend there?” You want to know what happens next but there is no next. It’s cruel and beautiful. It’s super good flash fiction.
Author T.W. Garland has more published short stories and his own blog. Make sure to check them out. It’s worth it.

TWO TIMING BASTARD by Bruce H Markuson
You are looking for an unexpected plot twist?
Your search has ended, friend, cause this story contains something you’d never expected.
Bruce H Markuson has also published before and owns a blog. Visit him here.

RANDOM THOUGHTS by Dorothy Davis
The last story come from writer and editor Dorothy Davies who is now also editing for Sinister Saints and Horrified Press. It starts as an innocent piece of literature but the ending has a very unecpected edge to it.

In case I awoke your interest in the anthology I’ll leave the Amazon Link right here.