„You are bleeding. “
She looks at me in bewilderment her mouth twisting into a tight line.
“Are you kidding me?” she hisses, teeth clenched.
“You are torturing me. You have been doing so for hours.”
I reach out to softly touch her cheek.
She tries to turn away her face but she’s tightly tied to the wall with no room for movement.
“That’s not torture, dear. I am saving you. Showing you the right way.”
My hearts full of pity. I don’t enjoy hurting her but it is pain that will strap away all that she knows.
“Everything you know is lies.” I sigh. “You still don’t see that, do you?”
My knife draws some of her blood again.
She screams.
“Everything you believe to love is wrong.”
I cut her again, blood sputtering against the wall.
“You need to realize you have no shelter but me.”