As some of you might remember I had a new idea for a novel some weeks ago. I left an excerpt of it on the blog for you to read. I am still captivated by this idea and have written another chapter. I will leave this with you as well, hoping to get some feedback before I go on a long overdue holiday. I hope you like it and will survive the next two weeks without news from your buddy owlgazer.

The Prince

Civil dawn. The time when the geometric sun was six degrees under the horizon in the morning, dipping his city into a soft orange light. It was his favourite time of day. Everything was still quite but not entirely lifeless. You could feel the city waking up slowly and if you waited till sunrise like he loved to on not too busy days you could watch the citizens of Tradnamour getting to work. They were streaming out of their houses like little ants eager to fulfil the tasks at hand.

He enjoyed the silence up on his balcony the doors to his chamber firmly closed shutting out the noise of the Palace which was always busy. Someone was always awake. Usually this someone was himself. He always had had trouble sleeping and then he became prince.

Melancholy now took hold of him but he was able to turn it down quickly. With one last glance at the city below him he turned on his heels and entered his chambers. Right on time. He hadn’t even crossed his room when there was a knock on the door. “Come on in” his voice was hollow, cold and uninterested as always.

The double door opened revealing the features of his cousin and commander of the city watch.
“My prince.” he said bowing his head deeply.
“Ah stop it, Ramos” the prince said his features relaxing ever so slightly.
“No need for boring netiquette. You’re in my quarters after all.”
Ramos nodded sharply closing the door behind him. “I came to report, Firat.”
“Please take a seat.” Firat replied gesturing toward two cushions on the floor next to a low wooden table.
“I have other duties to attend to.”
“Report then.”

Ramos body stiffened as he pulled himself up to his full height.
“The Problem has been dealt with. Our medics informed me today that they did the… surgery… about four days ago. Then they sent her on her way. She has not been seen around ever since. Not even by the seeers.”

“Good.” Firat answered feeling a sting of pity.
“Anything else?” He turned his back on his cousin like something in the room behind them caught his interest, while he was really just trying to hide his disappointment.
“No. That’s it.” he heard Ramos answering. Firat thought he could hear Ramous preparing to speak up again, as if he noticed his discomfort immediately. Before he would have to answer questions he didn’t want to hear he rose to speak himself: “Attend to your other duties then.”

He didn’t turn around when Ramos left but went out on his balcony instead. He had to clear his head. Pictures of her rose up in his mind again and he knew if he dwelled on them he would never be able to push them away as he was supposed to. He should have never started this.
Not only did it hurt and had disgraced him in the eyes of his mother and queen but he also had the dim feeling that his actions would bring great harm to his kingdom somehow.