In “The Queen of the Damned” best-selling author Anne Rice continues the story of the well-known novel “Interview with the Vampire”. In this third part of the Vampire Chronicles she attempts to further flesh out the seductive world of vampires which had been unveiled in the previous books by revealing its beginnings.

I am a big fan of “Interview with the Vampire” and loved the Author but this book killed my desire to read other books form the Vampire Chronicles or anything more by Rice for that matter. While I totally loved her style of writing in the first Novel I got frustrated by it in this book. I got so weary of her style this time that I didn’t even finish the novel. And I don’t often abandon books.

Every Chapter from “The Queen of the Damned” – at least all the chapters I read – were written in a different point of view. This involves a particular art of telling the events in every chapter. For example if the chapter is from the POV of the Vampire Armand everything is narrated through long, complex sentences while other Chapters from younger vampires like Baby Jenks for example feature a lot of slang and figurative language.

I got totally lost among all those characters, especially because often you get to know them and then they die. It seems like waste of time. Or you get to know them and nothing else happens, which is even worse. Especially if you can’t find to like any of the characters.

I didn’t like the story either. Or the little bits I figured where story in about 250 pages.
This is what happened until I decided to quit:

.) Lestat is now a rock star, singing away about all vampire secrets.
.) That’s the reason a lot of other vampires want to kill him.
.) Some vampires are having strange dreams about some twins.
.) Some old vampire bitch woke up from MTV (what the fuck?!) after a thousand years of sleeping.

There was no suspense and nothing at all that caught my interest except perhaps the question why I was still reading this book.

As I’ve neither finished nor really liked “The Queen of the Damned” I can’t rate it with any feathers.

I would love to hear other comments on the novel so feel free to engage in the comments!