Ahhh guys, I am sooooo in love with this one! (You can tell how excited I am by the number of o’s I put in that sentence. Ugh.)

Glass Sword has been my most anticipated book in 2016 and I can happily declare it the best book I’ve read this year so far. I absolutely loved the first volume of the series and after reading part two I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. (Fucking finale! I’m devastated!)

Glass Sword is – as most of you might have guessed by now – the second book in the Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard.  If you haven’t read Red Queen yet, don’t continue reading this review. There will be inevitable spoilers!!!

Aveyard was born in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts and thankfully developed an interest in writing at an early age. She soon became a genius and a mastermind.
Like a lot of those this means she has a pretty dark and evil side.
Shortly, her writing will make you love her and hate her.
Let me rephrase: You will love to hate her.
She definitely knows how to construct plot twists that will make you want to tear your nipples out. Or lose your eyesight and memory so you can forget what you just read.  She is a queen of chaos and I LOOOOOVE chaos. (You see, a lot of o’s again … WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME ?!)
If you love characters more than chaos this book – or the whole series for that matter – probably isn’t for you.

So what is the book about then?
Glass Sword continues the story of Mare Barrow who doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere because well she’s different. She has the blood of the common folk (red) but silver abilities. She controls lightning. This circumstances make Mare a weapon which the royal family tries to control. As Mares ex-fiancé Maven becomes king he pursues Mare who is out to find others like her to join the rebellion.
She soon finds herself at risk of becoming the same kind of person she fled from.

I really had a hard time putting Glass Sword down because there was action right from the start. The whole story felt like a cat-and-mouse game. Maven chasing Mare. Mare chasing newbloods. There were times when this started to annoy me, when it started to feel like someone hit the repeat button over and over again. But this feeling never lasted long because at all those moments Aveyard hit me with amazing character development.
I really loved Mare in this book, more than I did in Red Queen. I know a lot of people who thought all she did in Glass Sword was moping and drowning in self-pity. For me she just felt real. Mare is dealing with a lot in this novel and tries to find out who she is as a person. Is she a leader? Is she a rebel? Does she even want to start a war with the crown? There is a lot of blood on her hands too and I imagine such shit to be hard to deal with.

I probably could go on forever about the reasons I love Glass Sword but I will leave it at this: Glass Sword gets the highest rating on this blog so far.

PS: Red Queen will possibly be made into a movie. HOW AWSOME IS THAT?!

Don’t be shy: Share your opinions on the series and potential movie adaption in the comments.