Hey guys!
I bet you wonder why there haven’t been any blogposts this week so far.
Well the thing is Owlgazer has had a kickass creative outburst!
As loyal readers of this blog surely know  I usually write some fast ficiton every Friday. When I sat down to work this Friday and started writing an idea took hold of me. There was no stopping me at a 100 words (the usual length of fast ficition) and I also didn’t stop at 200 words. In fact I have written over 300 words and started to take notes.

So there wasn’t anything to share with you on Friday but I definetly wanted to share SOMETHING with you this week. So I decided to leave an excerpt from my new idea here for you to read. This is awsome, right? RIGHT?
I would love for you to tell me how you like it and if you would read on if there was more to come.
So here we go. (Damn. This is so exciting!)

Kingdom Wolfsdust

They were still following him. Years on the street, getting by with pick pocking and running from Guards and worse had made him a fast Runner. He knew every alleyway, ever corner from the city centre to the outskirts of the Dust. But somehow he managed to get himself cornered tonight, his back pressed against the outside wall of Tradnamour.

He tried to keep his cool his eyes darting back and forth trying to find a weakness in the wall of bodies before him. There were five of them. All men. All muscles. Well nurtured. Queens men. But without armour. Without emblems pranking on their breasts. He had no time to wonder what their business here was because the two in the middle suddenly parted making space for one of the most stunning women he had ever seen.
She was small, no more than five feet tall but without being petite. Her body was all muscles but her wide pelvis and full breast made her look feminine regardless.
He couldn’t stop staring nor hide his utter fascination. She on the other hand only glanced at him merely interested.

“Look who we got here.”, she stated.
” Takuma, a thief, a murderer a no one.”
” I am NOT a murderer ” he hissed, taken aback by the sound of his birth name and this foul accusation.

He was a whole bunch of things, but never had he ever murder someone. She didn’t answer picking at her finger nails like this was the most boring conversation.

“What kind of business could you have with a no one then?” he asked trying to sound as neutral as possible.
“I’ve come to make you an offer you can’t refuse.” she stated still not looking at him.
“And what might that be?”

“Well”, she shrugged “you can continue with your worthless life, or you can become someone who matters.”

Finally, she looked at him her dark green eyes sparkling with excitement, a smile tugging on her full, red lips. As her grin grew wider suddenly her jaw started dislocating and developed into a vicious fanged mouth. Dark grey hair started to Spurt all over her body and her laughter – slightly mad to start with – turned into howling.