As some of you might remember task 5 of my Reading Challenge is to read a book that you usually wouldn’t.
As I set my reading goals at the beginning of the year I thought this task would end with me reading a romance novel or a book about quantum physics (ugh!). Never would I’ve imagined though that a book based on one of the most famous MMORPGS would find its way into my greedy claws. And I definitely didn’t expect to enjoy it the way I eventually did.

“Arthas: Rise of the Lich King” is the 6th novel published in The World of Warcraft series which begins one year before the game “Warcraft: Orcs & Humans” and runs concurrent with all Warcraft games up to the most recent World of Warcraft expansion.
This particular novel tells the story of Arthas Menethil and his path from being the little prince of Lordaeron to becoming an undead master of unspeakable evil.

I myself never played WoW and have not read any of the other novels yet.
After reading other readers reviews I think this was a good thing.
Many fans of the game felt that the novel was just a copy of Warcraft 3 and not really worth reading.

When I started Arthas’ story I already knew that it was part of the WoW world and not the first novel in the series but I still read it like it was a stand-alone fantasy novel.
As such, it was good, easy to read, building up enough tension to make me read on BUT Arthas’ tale also had its weaknesses.
For me some changes in the story and in the characters just happened to quickly. I was definitely missing some background and some explanations for decisions made by Arthas should have been better elaborated.

It’s a quick, fun read though so all things considered I would rate “Arthas: Rise of the Lich Kind” with three feathers:

Have you read any WoW novels? Which ones do you recommend?
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