Part of the fun in reading is meeting new people.
One does not only meet friends but – if you are anything like me – you start falling for some of the fictional boys you meet along the way. If you start daydreaming about them, read the book they appear in over and over again just to spend time with them, then you have made a book boyfriend.
So, today I will blurt out the truth and share my top 4 fictional boyfriends of all time with you!

4. Murthag (Eragon)
Ahh… what is there to say about Murthag? I guess you could call him a bad boy as he’s the second antagonist in the Eragon series, but, as is so often the case with antagonists, Murthag has his soft spots. Yes he betrays Eragon. Yes he kills some of the “good” people. His terrible childhood makes him believe that he is not worth to be loved. That he himself is not able to give love. It is as if he turns bad just to prove a point. Not just to others but I figure he mostly tries to convince himself.

“If I have become my father, then I shall have my father’s blade. Thorn is my dragon, and a thorn he shall be to all enemies. It is only right, then, that I should wield the sword, misery. Misery and Thorn, a fit match. Besides, Zar’roc should have gone to Morzan’s eldest son, not his youngest. It is mine by right of birth.”

In the end though he shows some heart by helping those he once betrayed.

PS: Should you be one of the unfortunate people who have seen the movie before reading the books: THIS MOVIE WAS HORRIBLE. THE BOOKS ARE MASTERPIECES. GO AND READ THEM. RIGHT NOW! But don’t you dare flirting with Murthag… He is mine!

3. Augustus Waters (The fault in our stars)
Augustus Waters is the perfect mixture of smart and sarcastic but what really won me over is his determination. He is diagnosed with terminal cancer but he just doesn’t want to stop living. He wants to leave a mark on the world and he still knows how to have fun. He looks death in the eye not without fear but without backing down. One example of this is Gus tendency to put an until cigarette in his mouth without ever lighting it.

“It’s a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.”

3. Mikael Blomkvist (The girl with the dragon tattoo)
Blomkvist is an investigative journalist dedicated to exposing corrupt financiers and writing something missing in modern day press: THE UGLY TRUTH. He still believes that journalism can change something.

“Blomkvist felt only despair. His professional life he had devoted to uncovering things which other people had tried to hide, and he could not be party to the covering up of the crimes committed in Martin Vanger’s basement.”

Blomkvist is very traditional and with 42 years the oldest of my book boyfriends.
I seem to fall for guys who want to change the world, but this is not even the main reason for my affection for Mikael. What really made me adore him is his fairly uncomplicated attitude toward sex without being unthoughtful. He loves to have plenty of sex with plenty of different people and believes in experimentation and consensual, non-manipulative encounters grounded in respect and friendship.
Throughout all novels Blomkvist made me feel appreciated as a woman. He made me feel equal. What a man!

1. Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)
No one will ever be able to replace Draco Malfoy as my number one fictional boyfriend. Ever since he introduced himself to Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone I am head over heels in love with him. Fun thing is: I am not entirely sure why!
Draco is an arrogant, spiteful bully. He’s a spoiled brat, who thinks he is better than everybody just because he’s pure blood and from a rich family. Actually, I am even tempted to call him a little bitch.

However, behind all his boasting and mean comments I have always figured him to be someone else entirely. You can see pieces of this other someone, when his mask finally begins to crack in the later Harry Potter novels.

In fact Draco is a coward. He is not a loner but does care for others. He is not without emotion and I personally think that he just wants somebody to hold him, guide him and be there for him. I always imagine myself to be that person. I guess my readiness to help others and my love to fix things is what draws me to Draco.
So, if one day it turns out that Hogwarts exists after all: Draco, forget all about Astoria and marry me instead!


Which ficitional guys turned your head?
Which book boyfriend would you love to marry?
Tell us in the comments.