Dear  Jen Sincero– bestselling author, speaker and super-likable success coach – thank you for sharing your genius!

Seriously guys, this book is AWESOME! I used to roll my eyes at self-help books, but since I read “You are a badass: How to stop doubting yourself and start living an awesome life” it has become like a bible to me. I am officially converted!
In the course of 35 chapters full of inspiring stories and (scary!) exercises Jen was able to enter my world and totally turn it upside down!

Let me break Jen’s message to you real quick:
All people are great. All people have at LEAST one gift that is worth sharing. A lot of people have mental barriers. They don’t believe that they can do whatever they want, and – more importantly – ACHIEVE everything they are determined to realize.
Jen identifies behaviours that keep us from living the life we want. In order to kill them off for good she instructs her readers to get to know them.
A word of warning: She will make you look at your demons. It hurts. You will feel bad. And then… you will get better. Because Jen’s arguments and encouragements will make you believe in yourself. Love yourself. Slowly but steadily you will move forward.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to my good friend Jessi who borrowed this life changing book to me. She has a blog of her own where she shares her love for music: whatjesslistensto.
Check her out. She is badass!