2016 is finally upon us and what time is better to start to broaden the scope of your reading and spice up your reading life?

Last year I took part in POPSUGAR‘s great reading challenge 2015 and in several smaller challenges on Goodreads. I enjoyed challenging myself and reading books I possibly wouldn’t have otherwise so much, that I decided to invent a reading challenge of my own.

The challenge consist of 15 tasks instead of providing you with specific books.
I tried to stay „original“ but there are so many other reading challenges out there, that it is more than likely that one or more tasks can be found somewhere else too. Sorry for that!

1. Read a book about cooking
2. Read a book mentioned in one of your favorite movies
3. And one mentioned in one of your favorite TV series
4. Read a book about Mythology
5. Read something you usually wouldn’t
6. Read a favorite book of one of your favorite actors/actresses
7. Read an anthology
8. Read a guidebook
9. Read a favorite book of one of your favorite authors
10. Read a book from an author your age
11. Finish a book series
12. Read your most anticipated book 2016
13. Read a book you got as a gift
14. Reread your favorite book
15. Read an owlish book


Throughout the year I am going to check off task after task.
I will post reviews of each book I read in the course of the challenge.

How do you organize your reading year 2016?
Will you join the challenge?
Which books are you going to choose?

Let us know & leave a comment.